Neschen Gudy 831 Fineart Smooth

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For decades the brand name GUDY® has been standing for high-end quality and safety in the area of sophisticated mounting films all over the world.

Designed for:

– suitable for rough surfaces
– for indoor and outdoor applications
– for mounting museums and art galleries Photographic, Fine Art Prints and other difficult substrates to a wide variety of museum archival board and materials
– ideal for mounting the most major Fine Art media brands on the most major mount board brands, like Colourmount, Daler, Peterboro, Value, Museum, Encore, Fome-Core, Sintra, etc.
– in addition, this product offers a wide range of uses for book-binders, craftsman, restorer, printers and artists.

Product Features

– 44 µm long fibre paper carrier, white
– moisture stable, permanent adhesive on both sides
– one paper release liner easy peel for efficient processing through roll laminators
– easy manual handling
– acid-free
– passed the Photographic Activity Test (PAT) ISO 18916 certified by the Image Permanence Institute, Rochester Institute of Technology

Product Structure

– Backing: double-sided siliconized glassine paper
– Adhesive: water-based polyacrylate, permanent
– Carrier: 44 µm long-fibre white paper
– Adhesive: water-based polyacrylate, permanent


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