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Office Updates Millennials Want

Companies that want to appeal to the modern, talented millennial will need to update their office space and add design elements, such as office wall graphics and window film, that capture the interest of younger workers. But which styles work best in an office optimized for the younger generation, and how can companies ensure full value for their investment in the latest designs? Let’s explore the updates millennials desire in an office space.

Why Appeal to the Millennial Worker?

There’s no getting away from the fact that millennials are set to become a driving force within our economy. Studies show that 27.5% of the Canadian population is a millennial, and this portion of the population takes the design of their employer’s facilities seriously. The millennial is not satisfied working in the traditional office space with cubicles, low lighting, and limited interaction with coworkers. They want to work in a space in which they feel fulfilled, engaged, and ready to complete their work. Appealing to millennials with your office design could be how your brand can grow into the business you’ve envisioned.

Start by Getting Rid of Dull Elements

Dull design elements are no longer required in the modern office space. In the 1970s and 1980s, many offices were designed to ensure work teams concentrated on their roles. That meant cubicles were created to separate working groups. Dull colors were used to guarantee focus on duties, and limited comfort items were added to ensure the office space felt like an office, not a lounge.

We’ve since learned that effective productivity within the office space requires engagement and inspiration. Teams must be able to work with one another to achieve their goals, and a dull, cramped, and cut-off workspace limits productivity and collaboration.

Inject Brighter Colors Into Your Office

Begin the office improvement by integrating brighter colors into the design. Your core branding identity should be on display in various areas and placed into clear focus to ensure work teams align themselves with the company’s goals. To help focus attention on the brighter colors, your company can also use lighting effectively. Make sure that each area of the office is well-lit and that you display interesting design elements such as custom artwork.

Tailor Artwork to Your Brand’s Story

Millennials gravitate towards brands with a story and clear identity. Office design must incorporate the brand’s background and how the company came into being. For example, executives might consider office wall graphics tailored to the company’s brand. Whether you use past pictures from the company’s years in the marketplace, or an inspirational moment in the brand’s history, you can help connect your work team with your company through custom graphics.

Use Durable Decals Effectively

When planning an office upgrade that appeals to millennials, ensure that you consider all elements of the office, and that includes the flooring. You can impress your young employees and utilize stylish branding in these places. For example, you might add custom decals to the floor to capture your team’s attention and “wow” those visiting the office for the first time. You can also use the floor space to provide directions and encourage your team to visit specific locations within the building.

Build a Calming Space

The importance of a relaxing work environment cannot be overstated. Millennials want to work hard for your company, but they also understand that in order to achieve their goals they must be in the right mindset. Focus and productivity begin in a calm space at the office. You might, for example, use a calming, stylish wallpaper that helps teams focus and creates a peaceful ambiance. The latest wallpaper is more durable than similar past products on the marketplace and is easier to clean, too.

You might also consider separating the space within the office to ensure that work teams have a location they can visit when they wish to get away from the buzz of their cell phone or email updates on their computer screen. Creating a custom wall mural and placing it in a private space will help team members regain their focus and rebuild their energy.

Using natural materials is a great way to create calm within an office space. For example, wood, metal, and glass art pieces have been shown to have a calming influence.

Reduce the Amount of Glare

The modern office space requires technology, and teams require an unobstructed view of their screens in order to complete their work. To help mitigate any disruptions to this focus, you might consider reducing the potential for glare within the office.

One option is to use customized blinds with unique graphics on the interior and exterior of the blinds for your branding. You might also use window film, which allows your team to be a little more creative with window furnishings. Window film is a vinyl material, which is ideal for both promotional applications and functional, light-blocking performance. Make sure you consult with a qualified designer about the type of window film that’s suitable for your office space and then discuss the full range of designs to help capture and engage the interest of millennial team members.

Prove Your Commitment to the Environment

When you show a millennial worker that you’re committed to the local environment, they will respond effectively. For example, you can begin to power your office equipment through sustainable resources. Or, you could use recycled paper and responsibly sourced inks for your office decor and operational needs. These are critical steps that show your younger employees that the environment and the future is important to your brand.

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