2019 Wide Format Trends Textile Printing

Digital Textile Printing Wide Format Trends 2019

Digital Textile Printing Market Expected to Reach $3,943 Million Globally in 2022

The latest data shows that the digital textile printing market is expected to reach $3,943 million globally in 2022. The latest figures show the rise in demand for quality digital textile printing from across the international marketplaces. Our team at Treck Hall Wide Format has a wealth of experience in digital printing, and within this new post, we’re exploring the current textile printing marketplace and how it’s expected to change over the coming years. Here are the latest wide format trends related to textile printing.

Rise in Demand for High-Quality Prints is a Key Driver

One of the leading drivers of growth within the branded textiles marketplace has been the rise in demand for high-quality prints. Consumers now require a higher quality print for a range of textile applications. For example, firms involved in marketing products at global events require high-quality prints for their fabric banners. The increase in quality means that banners are more durable and that the printed design resonates with core audiences at each event and provides a clear return on investment for the growing firm.

Reduced Cost of Supplies

The reduced cost of supplies within the digital textile printing industry is another key driver of marketplace momentum. For example, durable inks are now reducing in price as companies develop more effective manufacturing techniques. While these inks are slightly more expensive than traditional products, they provide a greater value for the consumer.

Inks used in digital textile printing offer a higher level of reliability in terms of colour quality and offer a longer print life. With lower costs in comparison to traditional ink products, digital textile printing is growing as a viable option for a broad range of companies, from the small local business to the multinational corporation.

Rise in Per Capita Disposable Income

Another key contributing factor to the rise in digital textile printing is the increase in disposable income across North American markets. Consumers are set to have more to spend as the economy evolves, and their spending will be focused on areas that provide them with the best potential returns for their investment.

Increase in Apparel-Based Advertising

Another influencer in the digital printing industry is the increase in apparel-based branded textiles. Companies are now promoting their products on T-shirts, sweaters, and other forms of clothing in order to engage new potential customers through their product lines. This increase in apparel-based advertising means companies now require higher quality digital printing on fabrics and inks that don’t wash out over time. Working with higher quality digital textile printing inks is helping companies achieve a direct and ongoing connection to their client base via promotional apparel.

What Are the Advantages of Digital Textile Printing?

So, now that we know more about the growth of the industry in recent years and the reasons behind this growth, it’s also important to explore the full value of digital textile printing. The advantages of the digital printing process include:

The Process Offers Dimensional Flexibility

One of the clear benefits of digital textile printing is that you can print on almost any size of fabric that you require. For example, printing companies can now print using just one metre of fabric. Digital printing allows for the cost-effective printing of smaller runs, giving teams greater control over the final result and the total expenditure.

It’s Environmentally Friendly

Another advantage of choosing digitally branded textiles is that the process is extremely environmentally friendly. Compared with other forms of printing, digital printing requires very little water and power to ensure the desired result. The process also uses significantly less ink and minimizes resource waste when compared to printing options such as screen printing.

You Can Achieve Design Variety

Creative companies are also now turning to digital textile printing because they can achieve far superior design variety using digital printing techniques. The technology results in greater colour vibrancy, and you have an almost unlimited variety of colours to select from when planning your designs. That is ideal for companies who wish to upgrade their marketing materials to meet the needs of new customers.

The Design Will Match the Printed Colour

One of the most common complaints with other forms of printing is that the result of the print doesn’t match the designs on the computer screen. This issue is effectively mitigated through the use of digital textile printing, which uses the exact colour from the design within your final printed product. This will help you to save time when you’re in the process of a marketing campaign and don’t want to redo your design when you see that the finished product doesn’t match your designs.

There’s Low Capital Investment

When compared with the high cost of screen-printing processes, the cost of digital textile printing is exceptionally low. And when you add the ability to achieve low-volume printing, companies can start with a small, low-cost campaign and then move on to greater numbers of prints once they receive the results. It’s a process that gives proactive marketing teams a greater level of control over their expenditures and resource allocation.

Greater Speed of Printing

When companies can work with a pre-crafted design from a digital file and place it directly onto a piece of fabric, the process is significantly more time-efficient than other printing services. That is ideal for companies working with a limited timeframe for their marketing campaigns. It also means that companies can quickly update their marketing campaigns at any time in the future, reacting to new trends and reaching audiences with highly targeted content.

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