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Wide Format Photo Paper

Treck Hall is Canada’s largest distributor of Kodak photographic supplies. All necessary Kodak paper, film and chemicals as well as Kodak’s industry leading Metallic paper and Endura trans are stocked in both Vancouver and Toronto.

Kodak Endura

Kodak Endura offers superb colour and clarity, reproducing images that are far more vibrant than anything else on the market. Considered a technological breakthrough, Kodak Endura delivers reproduced pictures that have far more colour.

With a larger colour palate, skin tones look more realistic. Whites are pristine, black shades are rich, and bold colours in the image stand out vividly against Kodak paper. Not only are more colours readily displayed than ever before, but images also last much longer with Kodak Endura.  

Kodak Professional Endura Premier Metal

Kodak has taken photo reproduction to a whole new level with their award-winning Endura papers. Kodak Professional Endura Premier Metal print paper is considered the flagship in photo paper technology because of its distinctive, glossy finish that is a guaranteed attention grabber. The exceptional print quality creates depth to the images, which appeals to professional photographers, graphic artists, and display designers.

Kodak Professional Endura Display Materials

Kodak Endura products create superb, eye-catching professional displays and imagery. The highly superior colour quality easily stands out. Professional designers, entrepreneurs, and photographers are now capable of developing image reproductions that are more vibrant and realistic in colour than ever before. The glamorous look of Kodak Endura photos has set the standards for exceptional picture quality even higher.

Kodak Photographic Chemicals

Kodak chemicals process all Kodak photo papers, including Kodak Professional Endura, Kodak Ektacolor Edge, and Kodak Royal.

Kodak has surpassed benchmarks set for photography paper supplies with their Kodak Endura line. Professional artists, designers, photographers, and even commercial business can now produce even more outstanding, attention-grabbing pictures on this superior photo paper.

At Treck Hall Wide Format, we know how valuable it is for our clients to have superior products available to them. We carry only the best paper products for your photo reproductions. We promise to deliver the best products and services for printing projects of all kinds.

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